Security & Maritime Anti-Piracy

Our maritime anti-piracy and security service is aimed at mitigating the risks associated with navigation and land operations in areas at high risk of terrorist activities (HRA). Operating partners are selected for their activity history in the sector and for their specific skills in the various areas of intervention: from the training of the crew and the captain to facing possible situations of danger and aggression with the support of agents and trained armed forces to the management of the various critical issues at sea.

The protection of the customer’s life and property is ensured by a professional anti-piracy service capable of not interfering in the regular performance of the daily activities taking place on board the ship.

SSI has identified PRAESIDIUM INTERNATIONAL as its sole partner to operate thanks to its specific distinctive values. Incorporated in Italy, Praesidium International is the benchmark in the field of maritime security services and at international level one of the few companies licensed to operate onboard Italian flagged vessels. They also stand out for being the only Italian maritime security company capable of providing security escort vessel services in Nigeria.


• Private Security Teams
• Local Security Teams
• Security Escort Vessels
• Security Consultants/Bridge Advisors for HRAs
• Vessel Hardening (Best Management Practice)
• Security Training for seafarers (Security Awareness)
• Risk assessment (ship, trip and/or port)

Geographical areas covered by the security service:

  • Indian Ocean (all major routes)
  • West Africa, with particular attention to Nigeria
  • Southeast Asia (tri-border area)
  • Central and South America.

The safety of your crew is our priority. Please contact us for more detailed information.

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